Delicious New Orleans Pralines Shipped To Your Door


The Louisiana Praline
In New Orleans, pralines represent a historic, simple candy with a taste that is matched by no other location. No visit is complete without trying our treats or bringing home a box to share with your friends and relatives. We love these quality candies that we provide to locals and visitors alike, and we always ensure that you get a great deal for all of the pralines you purchase. That’s why we offer discounts with purchases of multiple individually wrapped or boxed pralines. New Orleans visitors and residents have been amazed at the incredible deals that we’ve offered, and you will benefit too!

It’s never a bad time to order a package of authentic New Orleans pralines for yourself, friends, and family. No matter where you might be, your pralines will taste just as great as they do here in the Big Easy. Every bite is a delicious morsel, and our pralines make great gifts and souvenirs for anyone in your household. Choose any of our products when you’re ready to make an order, and get big savings on big purchases. We’ll also respond to any questions that you may have, either by phone or e-mail, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any concerns or inquiries.


Pralines - the ultimate taste of New Orleans!


The Original Praline is cooked and poured by hand using the traditional Louisiana recipe with quality ingredients to create a thin, slightly crispy candy with nutty sweetness.


The Classic Pralinette is a miniature version of the Original Creole Praline, a bitesize candy cooked over an open flame in copper pots and hand-poured until cool, scrumptious enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.


The Creamy Praline is a heaping mound of elegant Louisiana pecans to sink your teeth into with its thick, fudge-like decadence of Southern sugary goodness.


The Creamy Chocolate Praline is an irresistible Southern delicacy of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mixed with a culinary confection of nuts, sugar, and cream for a fudge-like combination of perfection.


The Chewy Praline is a new caramel and pecan combination that the locals love for its Louisiana pecans drenched in rich, buttery caramel making each bite a delicate, chewy mouthful.


The Mardi Gras King Cake Praline is a celebration in each bite! A classic Creole praline is sprinkled in Mardi Gras colors with purple, green, and gold sugar like a traditional New Orleans King Cake.