Delicious New Orleans Pralines Shipped To Your Door



Since 1996, New Orleans Famous Praline (Praw-leen) Company has been selling the Traditional Creole Candy known as pralines. New Orleans locals and visitors from around the globe buy this tasty treat because of its sweet flavor and unique texture. We use the finest ingredients (pecans, sugar, cream, etc.) and a century-old recipe to produce a truly superior praline, handmade and individually sealed for freshness! Enjoy the ultimate “Taste of New Orleans” with delicious pralines from New Orleans Famous Praline Company.



In 2019, the original owners had plans to retire but no plans of a successor for the company. Long time retailer Lauren Haydel, owner of the popular Fleurty Girl shops, offered to buy the company and keep its family of chefs and employees in business. The sale occurred with the help of her sister, Arianne, along with a fresh rebrand of the logo and packaging design by local graphic design company, Midnight Boheme. The New Orleans Famous Praline Company has since continued its tradition of hand-poured praline-making, bringing its sweet confections from our family to yours.